2 Signs Your Home's Boiler System Needs Professional Repairs

When you depend on a boiler for your house, you may feel that it is an efficient way to heat your home and/or to provide your household with hot water. When working correctly, you should not even be aware of its presence in your house because it rarely makes any noise.

However, when things go wrong with a boiler system, you not only run the risk of not having any heat or hot water, but it could cause damage if water starts pouring out of it. Below are a couple of signs that your home's boiler is having issues that require the immediate attention of a professional repair technician.

1. You Notice That the Boiler Is Making Clanking Noises While Vibrating Violently While It Is Running

One sign that you should have your home's boiler looked at by a professional is when you start hearing clanking noises coming from the unit. You may also find that the outer casing violently vibrates and shakes whenever the system is running.

If this is the case, the circulator pump is the most likely culprit and has become loose or is malfunctioning. A repair technician will need to assess whether it needs to be tightened or replaced.

2. You Find Any Puddles or See Even Small Drips of Water Leaking out of the Boiler or Connected Pipes

Another sign that you should have a professional fix your home's boiler as soon as possible is when you start finding puddles or see even small drips leaking out of the boiler or its connected pipes. Since the boiler is a closed system, it should never have any water coming out of it.

If you delay having the leaks located and fixed, the fluctuations in the water level and pressure within the system could cause irreparable damage. If you find any water, you should immediately call a professional to examine the boiler system and make any necessary repairs.

When your home's boiler has started making clanking noises and begins violently vibrating while it is running, the circulating pump is most likely malfunctioning or has become loose, requiring the assistance of a professional to make repairs. If you find any water outside of the closed system, including the boiler unit and the connected pipes, you should have a repair technician find and fix the leak as soon as possible. To schedule a service call to have the system fixed, contact a business that offers residential boiler repair services in your area. 

For more information about boiler repair, contact a local company.