AC Repairs You Might Need When Your Home Isn't Cooling Down

If your air conditioner is turning on and off, but your home doesn't seem cool enough, you may need to call an AC repair company to check your equipment. A few things can cause this problem, but you might want to check on a few things before you call.

For instance, if it's exceptionally hot outdoors, your AC simply may not be able to keep up. If you're not sure that's the problem, then calling for repairs is a good idea in case your AC is malfunctioning. Here are some things that might cause your air conditioner to fail at keeping your house cool.

Airflow Problems You Can Fix Yourself 

Your air conditioner needs good airflow or it can't work very well. The first thing you should probably check is the filter. If it's dirty, be sure to change it and see if your home gets cooler. You can also check the registers around your house. If a register is covered or blocked, that might affect how well your AC can cool your home.

One more thing for you to check is the condenser outside. Make sure it has plenty of ventilation around it and that weeds aren't covering the fins and blocking airflow.

Airflow Problems For The AC Technician To Repair

A primary cause of low airflow in an air conditioner is a problem with the blower. The blower should spin freely, but if it is erratic or is spinning slowly, the amount of air that flows through the ducts is diminished.

A blower might malfunction if the motor is going bad. The blower is also affected if the capacitor is going bad. The AC repair technician can test these parts to see if they're making the blower malfunction. If so, the bad part can be replaced.

Another airflow problem the repair technician may need to repair is a problem with the condenser fan. If the condenser fan is malfunctioning, it can't blow heat off of the refrigerant coil. This makes the condenser too hot and it keeps the refrigerant too warm. Your AC won't be able to cool your house when the condenser fan isn't working.

The AC repair technician may need to check the capacitor, contactor, and fan motor to see why the fan isn't working and replace the part that's bad.

Low Refrigerant That Needs To Be Filled

If your home isn't cool enough, the refrigerant could be to blame. If the refrigerant is low, your AC can't cool your house down. Your AC may continue to run, and shut on and off normally, but your home won't get cool. Low refrigerant is a sign of a leak in a refrigerant line.

The AC repair technician needs to fix the leak and then fill the refrigerant so your home is able to cool down again.

Speak to an AC repair service to learn more.