4 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Clicking And How To Handle It

With time, you learn which sounds your heating system produces during normal operation. Further, you also learn about the noises that signify possible issues. For example, clicking is one of the sounds signaling that you might have problems with your heating unit. Further, knowing all the possible causes of a furnace that keeps clicking can help you troubleshoot what could be wrong with your unit and fix it. Consider these common causes of trouble.

Component Cooling Problems

Some heating systems include a draft inducer fan installed inside. Note that this pillar has a dual use, as every cycle begins with a thorough purge of residual gases. Secondly, it keeps the flames well-fed with oxygen. However, with continued use, the blades could eventually become dull. Hence, it's possible to hear a clicking sound before or during a cycle. Note that if the inducer fan switches on with a click but works well at other times, it may be because of dust or a loose connection.

The Sensor Has Some Problems

The furnace's flame sensor is tucked away in the appliance's back wall. Remember, the presence or absence of a burner flame is detected by this device, making it an essential component. In most cases, the heater automatically shuts off once the sensor notices a lack of fire. That said, you might hear a clicking sound instead of a fire alarm when your flame sensor is blocked by dirt or rust. More importantly, check to ensure the power is off when assessing the flame detector's function.

The Gas Valve Has Failed

 A faulty gas valve may be to blame if the clicks happen at inexplicable intervals. Note that the pilot light in the burner receives its gas supply from the gas valve. However, broken valves make it impossible to regulate gas flow to the heater. Hence, the clicking noise in your furnace may come from the pilot light not lighting despite your repeated attempts to turn on the unit. On the other hand, it could signal the presence of poisonous gas in your home.

Problems with the Ignition System

It is the job of the ignitor to keep the pilot light burning. Note that when the thermostat senses that heat is required, it starts a chain reaction, ultimately engaging the ignition system. However, if the ignitor fails to do its job, the gas valve won't open, and the burners won't light. Consequently, you'll hear a clicking sound if the furnace keeps trying to ignite the pilot.

If you are experiencing odd sounds with your heating unit, get a furnace repair technician to assess it and determine the root cause. They will troubleshoot and resolve the issue, restoring proper heating function. 

Reach out to a local furnace repair contractor to learn more.