Hiring An HVAC Company To Outfit Your Newly Constructed Home

If you're having a new home built from the ground up, then you're going to need to hire a variety of contractors to work on the different parts and systems of the home. One such service you'll need to hire is an HVAC company. They'll come to install your AC, heater, ducts, and all other equipment associated with your heating and cooling functions. So, how do you go about choosing an HVAC company to install HVAC equipment in your newly constructed home? Here are a few key tips.

Ask about their previous experience with new construction.

Some HVAC companies do a lot of work on new construction. Others mostly do repairs and replacements in existing homes. So, you can't assume every HVAC company in your area will be up for the job. When calling around to different companies, start by asking how much experience the installer has working on new construction homes. Aim to hire someone who has done a lot of this sort of work before.

Make sure you like the brands they offer.

Most HVAC companies work with just one or several different HVAC equipment brands. Their contracts sometimes prohibit them from installing different brands. So, make sure you ask about the brands the company carries, and do some research to make sure you like the brand being offered. When you're building a new home, you want to make sure everything fits your needs from day one—including the HVAC equipment.

Ask about scheduling.

HVAC equipment needs to be installed at a particular time in the building schedule. The installer typically wants to put the ducts up before drywall work is done. They'll also need the electrical work done before they can fully install a furnace or AC unit. So, ask about their schedule and ability to coordinate with the rest of the building team before you hire them.

Check their warranty options.

In a brand-new home, you definitely don't want to pay out of pocket when something goes wrong with the HVAC equipment. So, ask about the warranty the HVAC company offers. Does it cover labor or just parts? How long is it good for? Make sure you are comfortable with all of the terms.

Hiring someone to install HVAC equipment in your new home can be challenging in some ways, but it is not terribly difficult if you follow the tips above. Before long, you'll be warm and cozy in your new abode.

Contact a local HVAC company to learn more.