Installing A New HVAC System For Your Home

HVAC installation is a big change to make to your home, but it is an upgrade that has the potential to make the home a far more comfortable place to be as well as increase its value. Whenever you are planning to have an HVAC system installed, it is important to be informed and prepared for what this project will involve.

Determine Whether You Need New Ducting Installed

The HVAC unit itself is only a part of having a new system installed. If your home has never had a central HVAC system, it may need to have completely new ducting installed throughout the home. This can increase the costs of this project by requiring the ducting to be purchased as well as the labor charges from the contractor designing and installing the ducting to reach each home in the house. For homes that already have ducting, there may be benefits to replacing it with higher-quality ducting systems. In particular, this is a potential option when the ducting that you have in the home is not particularly energy-efficient as this can increase the costs of running your HVAC unit.

Be Mindful Of Where The HVAC Units Are Placed

The placement of the HVAC unit is a consideration that is often overlooked. However, the location where you place your air conditioning and heating unit will potentially impact the performance that it provides you. For example, placing exterior units in areas that are prone to having leaves fall on them can quickly lead to the vents becoming clogged. Additionally, placing the unit in a low-lying area can increase the risk of it being damaged by flash flooding or ponding water.

Have A Heating And Cooling Audit Completed

It can be extremely beneficial for a person to have a thorough understanding of their home's heating and cooling needs before they start the process of shopping for a new HVAC unit. Individuals that fail to invest the time into learning more about these needs for their homes can find themselves buying an HVAC system that is too weak or strong for their home's needs. Either extreme can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency, which can dramatically raise the energy costs of the system. A professional HVAC technician will be able to assist you by performing a comprehensive heating and cooling assessment for the home. This assessment can allow you to properly size your house for a new heating and cooling system.