4 Indicators Your AC Needs Urgent Repair Services

If your AC system is struggling to keep your home cool and cozy, it is prudent to keep a close eye on it. Most issues can be identified and addressed before things get out of hand. This could save you the trouble of replacing the entire AC system when the temperatures become unbearable. Read on to discover indicators your AC system needs inspection and repairs.

1. Abnormal Smell

No funky smell is supposed to emanate from your AC. Your AC is supposed to make you comfortable, not sick. So, if you turn your AC on and notice an abnormal odor, something is amiss. You may be looking at dirty cooling coils, molds in the ducts, or a blocked condensate pipe.

You should hire a professional to diagnose the problem and fix it. The expert will identify the root cause of the problem and fix it right away to avoid further damage.

2. No Cool Air

Your AC's primary purpose is to keep you and your family cool. Is there any cool air coming from the vents when you switch on the AC? If not, this is a clear indicator your AC has a problem.

In some cases, a faulty AC may even blow warm air, making your house uninhabitable. And in other cases, it may just blow a little cool air, which is not enough to keep your home cool. Usually, lack of cool air indicates leaking Freon, compressor issues, or a faulty motor. However complex the problem is, an AC expert can accurately diagnose and repair it.

3. Water or Freon Leaks

Drops of liquid around your AC system signify that it is about to fail. The liquid could either indicate water or Freon leaks. Freezing coils can also be a sign of leaks that need urgent repairs.

Generally, Freon is highly toxic. Inhaling it could lead to difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, or even death. Therefore, if you suspect your AC has water or Freon leaks, be sure to call in a technician for AC repairs.

4. Odd Sounds

Have you noticed unusual, disruptive sounds from your AC? This is a red flag that something is out of place. You may notice bubbling, banging, screeching, buzzing, or rattling sounds in most cases.

You should never ignore these sounds because you might be looking at a malfunctioning thermostat, loose components, a faulty motor, or a clogged unit. Seeking professional repair services can help diagnose and repair the damages before they get out of hand.

Do not wait until your AC system fails if you notice any of the signs highlighted above. Instead, schedule an inspection with a certified AC specialist right away. They will get your AC up and running in no time.