What Should You Consider When Installing A Ducted Air Conditioning System For Your Home?

Though the market offers a wide range of AC systems, a ducted unit offers immense benefits compared to its counterparts. For instance, a well-designed ducted system provides maximum comfort in your home, increases the value of your property, and serves its functions excellently.

But to get the most out of the system, you should invest in professional air conditioning installation. An experienced HVAC contractor will help you choose a suitable unit that meets your needs. Here are the factors to consider during the installation. 

The Size of Your Home

The size of your house will significantly determine the kind of central air conditioning unit to install. If the unit is too small, it won't serve your cooling needs effectively. On the other hand, an overly large system will lead to energy wastage.

Therefore, it is paramount to consider the building size, height of the ceiling, and window location. If you cannot determine these factors accurately, hire an AC contractor to assess the building and recommend a suitable AC size. 

Look at Space Utilization in Your Home

To understand this, you have to step back from your current view of the home and look at it from a fresh perspective. You can do this by creating a diagram of the house. Think about the number of people that visit each part of the home daily. Also, consider the number of hours each room holds people in a day.

It is also crucial to consider whether people stay active or passive when using a room. These factors will give you an accurate idea of your air conditioning needs. That way, you will install a ducted AC that matches your needs. 

Assess Your Home's Construction Materials

Not many homeowners know this, but the building materials in your home impact the AC's energy efficiency. Therefore, you should check the materials to determine the AC's energy rating to go for. Moreover, finding out the distance between your home and your neighbors' homes is also necessary. That is because some units are noisy and may cause disturbance to those next door. 

Check Your Budget

An air conditioning installation project requires a significant amount of money. That means you have to set aside a considerable budget to acquire a quality unit and have it installed expertly. But even if the initial installation cost might be high, the system is a worthwhile investment as it increases your property's value. 

Considering the above factors is essential as it will enable you to get value for your money. Consult an experienced air conditioning installation expert to help you make sound decisions during purchase and installation.

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