Does Your Air Conditioning System Need Repair?

What signs indicate that your air conditioning unit needs repair? A broken air conditioning unit that needs repair doesn't mean it won't run. However, there will be deviations from its normal functioning, which you might notice but ignore. Below are five signs to watch out for.

Insufficient Airflow

Poor airflow can result from a clogged air filter, a broken motor, or a more severe problem. If you begin noticing insufficient airflow around your home, consider getting your air conditioning unit repaired. Alternatively, you can consider adding an energy-recovery ventilator. The ventilator helps the air conditioning unit provide the needed cooling power and desired airflow around the house.

High Humidity Around the House

During summer, the weather outdoors is sticky. However, the role of your air conditioning system is to ensure you don't have to deal with high humidity indoors as well. Therefore, if you notice high humidity in the house, it could indicate a malfunction.

The inability of your system to maintain desired moisture level means it needs repair. A technician can diagnose your system and guide you on whether the unit needs a mere re-calibration or a repair.

Unusual Noises

It is usual for every air conditioning system to make some noise as it powers on and shuts down. But if you notice the noises are getting sudden, too loud, or unusual, it should be a cause of concern. Whistling noises are typically an indication of some wiring not fully functioning while buzzing noises indicate loose parts. These noises won't go on their own, and seeking repair services is the only solution.

Warm Air Is Blowing Out

Is warm air blowing out from the vents even after resetting the thermostat to cooling mode? Blowing warm air could indicate restricted airflow or an underlying issue with the compressor. An air conditioning unit is complex, and it needs careful calibration. Therefore, instead of self-attempting a repair job and potentially getting hurt or causing further damage to your air conditioner, always consult a professional technician. 

Water Leaks

An air conditioning system relies on a refrigerant to meet your cooling needs. Thus, it may produce condensation as it operates. However, none of the condensed liquids should accumulate or leak. Noticing an active leak or a pool of water around your unit means it needs immediate repair. Leaks are hazardous since they can lead to structural issues which can damage the house. Treat water leaks as an emergency and contact air conditioning repair experts immediately.

If you have noticed any of the five signs above with your cooling unit, it could be time to seekair conditioning repair services.