Issues & Repairs For A Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are commonly found in houses, such as when there is a central heating system installed. The furnace is actually the part of a heating system that is the most important, as it produces warm air. There are numerous problems that can arise with a central heating system that isn't always easy to pinpoint, but it is not uncommon for the furnace to be the culprit of the problem in many cases. The worst problem when it comes to a gas furnace is that repairing it without professional skills can be dangerous due to explosion risk. If there is a problem with your central heating that you believe is possibly related to the gas furnace, a trained technician can help to come up with a resolution.

You Hear Noise But Can't Feel Heat

The ability to hear a central heating system running means that it works but has problems, such as when it isn't producing heat. The gas furnace might actually be the part of the system that isn't functional, which can be due to simply needing to be plugged into an outlet. If it is already plugged in, it doesn't mean that it is receiving any power. The electrical panel might need to be checked for a tripped breaker or electrical problem. A dirty filter or lack of gas to the furnace can also be reasons why you are unable to feel any heat.

Working Heater With the Odor of Gas

If you have a working heater but can smell gas when it is running, it is important to immediately stop using it due to the explosion risk involved. The reason why is because the odor of gas can mean that there is a leak in your house that is coming from the line attached to the furnace. A technician can determine if a gas line is loose or if there is damage to it that allows gas to seep out. The technician can also determine if there is something wrong with the furnace that is not allowing gas to flow properly, as a repair to it might be necessary.

The Price of Gas Furnace Repairs

The specific problem that is wrong with your gas furnace will determine what repairing it will cost. For example, if a technician only discovers a small problem that is easy and fast to repair, you are likely to be charged a low rate. Major repairs can cost several hundred dollars, but a new furnace can run into the thousands.

Reach out to a local HVAC contractor to learn more about furnace repairs.