Lagging Furnace? Learn What To Do About It Here

If your furnace lags behind or doesn't put out enough heat to warm your home, you want to act quickly. Aging furnaces can experience a host of issues over time. However, some issues can be minor enough for homeowners to troubleshoot and repair themselves. In this case, you can try to speed up your lagging furnace by checking the air filter and exhaust ports for issues. 

Check These Areas First

Remove the air filter from your furnace and examine it. If you can't see throughout the filter, discard and replace it immediately. A clogged air filter will keep air from circulating in and out of your furnace. If you don't find any debris on your air filter, check the exhaust ports attached to the top of your furnace for blockages and other issues.

The ports carry gases and air in and out of the furnace's plenum and heat exchanger. If the ports clog up with debris, such as soot and fuel, the furnace won't perform well. You may need to shut off your furnace before you examine the ports. After you secure the furnace, remove the port vents and check them for clogs. Clean the ports thoroughly, then place them back on your furnace.

If you can't find anything wrong with the exhaust ports, stop and reach out to an HVAC contractor.

Call an HVAC Contractor Next

To discover the real culprit behind your furnace's issues, an HVAC technician may need to examine the parts inside your furnace. Parts, such as power exhaust fans and motors, can wear out without notice. If the parts degrade too much, your furnace won't do well in the winter.

A contractor will also check the parts attached to the furnace for major problems, including the air ducts and power switches. The parts can inadvertently cause issues with your furnace if they experience physical problems, such as clogs or corrosion. 

If the parts above require repairs, a professional will complete the work in a timely manner. But if repairs won't solve your furnace's heating problem, you may want to solve your issue by replacing your entire furnace. If you don't know what you should do about your furnace, ask a contractor for guidance. A contractor can walk you through the process so that you feel more comfortable about your decision.

If your lagging furnace continues to be a major problem for you, consult an HVAC contractor right away and ask about furnace repairs.