Two Tips for Library Managers When Getting an AC System Installation

If your library needs an AC installation, you may want to take a look at the tips below.

1. Ensure the AC is installed far away from the study desk and computer area

If possible, the HVAC contractor should install the AC unit far away from the areas in the library where the study desks and computers are located. There are two reasons why it is best to keep the unit some distance away from these spots. Firstly, almost all AC systems make a little bit of noise; they may, for example, make a slight humming sound and you can usually hear the gentle 'whoosh' of the air as it blows out of the vents.

In other types of commercial, public or residential buildings, most people barely notice this noise. However, in a library, where people are encouraged to be silent or to speak quietly, and where noisy activities like playing music or eating are normally forbidden, an AC unit's sounds may be easier for library members to hear. As such, if the HVAC contractor can position the AC unit far away from the study area and the computers, its soft humming and whooshing noises will not result in any library members being distracted by it.

If the AC unit is very close to these areas, where the people are likely to be sitting still for long periods (which tends to lead to slightly lower body temperatures), having cold air directed at them from a nearby AC might result in these individuals getting a bit too chilly.

2. Provide the library members with (quiet) desk fans whilst the AC installation is taking place 

If the AC installation is taking place during a hot season, then you might want to place a few quiet desk fans around the library. Because of the heat produced by the library computers and the extra insulation that rows of books can provide, a library can get surprisingly warm. If it takes a full day for the AC installation to be completed and you don't provide any desk fans, the library members might have to read their books, study and use the computers in a nauseatingly warm setting. Setting up fans will ensure that people do not feel ill from the heat whilst they're using the library, or have to leave before they have finished their study session, found the book they need or have completed their work on the computer.