Six Key Tasks To Take Care Of Before A New Air Conditioner Installation

Replacing your home's air conditioner when you need to is important for keeping comfortable and maximizing home efficiency. However, you need to make sure that you've adequately prepared for a new air conditioner installation to get the most out of your new appliance.

The following are six key tasks you need to take care of before you have a new air conditioner installed in your home.  

Size your new air conditioner

One of the most important considerations in purchasing an air conditioner is what size air conditioner you need. Two factors determine the appropriate size for your air conditioner. These are the climate in your area and the square footage of your home.

Don't assume that you should simply buy a replacement air conditioner that is the same size as your old air conditioner. Evaluate whether your old air conditioner was the ideal size and factor any additions you've put on your home since your original air conditioner was installed into your square footage. 

Research available AC models and choose the best option

There are many different AC models out there to choose from. You need to research available models. In particular, pay attention to efficiency.

Look for ENERGY STAR–certified models. Also, be aware that tax rebates are sometimes available for home owners who purchase energy-efficient appliances. See if you can qualify for such a rebate through your new air conditioner purchase. 

Take measurements

An air conditioner is a large appliance that will take up a significant amount of space around your home. You should therefore put a good amount of thought into where you're going to place your AC unit. Take measurements and clear a path to the area where you'll place your new unit in preparation for installation day. 

Have your vents and ducts evaluated

It's a good idea to have your vents and ducts checked and serviced if necessary before you have a new air conditioner installed.

If your vents and/or ducts are in poor condition, this could cause your new air conditioner to exhibit reduced efficiency and premature wear as it works harder to channel conditioned air throughout your home. Your new air conditioner will only function at peak efficiency if your vents and ducts are in good shape. 

Prepare your schedule and household for installation day

Choose a day for installation when you won't need to work in or entertain at your home. Notify everyone you live with when installation day will be so that they can plan accordingly. 

Plan for future maintenance needs

You want to get on a maintenance schedule right away. This ensures that you won't overlook any key maintenance down the road that's important for keeping your new AC unit in good shape. 

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