AC Noise Troubleshooting Guide To Get To The Bottom Of Problems Before It Causes Damage When You Need Cooling

If you have recently turned your AC on and you hear noises, these can be minor problems that can be repaired quickly. They can also be serious issues that cause problems when you crank up the air conditioner. Therefore, you are going to want to get to the bottom of these problems quickly to have them repaired before the next heatwave. The following AC noise troubleshooting guide will help you assess these problems so you can have them repaired before they cause serious damage to your cooling system.

Winter Debris And Damage To The Condensing Unit That Can Cause Problems

The winter months are a time when you do not pay much attention to potential damage, and since you are not using the AC, you do not hear the noise. Snow and ice or wind-blown debris during winter storms can cause damage to the condensing unit and other components of your AC. Therefore, if you hear noises when you turn on the AC, these are some of the first places you will want to start looking for potential problems.

Worn-Out Blower Motor And Damaged Parts That Need Repairs To Stop The Noises

The blower motor of your AC is another area where you could have problems and may need to call for help with repairs. This is often due to parts like bushings and bearings wearing out, and replacing them could solve the problem. If the problem with the noise is due to the blower, the entire blower unit may need to be replaced to solve the problem and stop the noise.

Issues With Damaged Ductwork And Air Leaks That Can Cause Your AC To Make Noise

The ductwork of your AC can also be damaged during the winter months, which can cause air leaks and energy loss. This could also be the source of the noise that your AC is making due to air leaks and due to the damaged ductwork having loose parts. You will want to repair ducts to stop air leaks, energy loss, and the noises your AC makes when it is turned on.

Problems With The Compressor And Condensation Coil Lines That Cause Noises And Can Cause Serious Damage

The worst problems with noises your AC makes are typically due to damaged compressors and condensation coils. These are the parts that provide the cooling to keep your home comfortable and can be the most expensive repairs. You will need to have the compressor checked for leaks if the problem is with the motor or components in these areas of your AC. Repairing the noise problem sooner could save you from more costly repairs like an AC compressor replacement.

These are some tips that will help you get to the bottom of AC cooling problems before they cause serious damage to your system. If you need help with your noisy air conditioner, contact an AC repair service to have it fixed before the next heatwave.

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