Reasons For A Commercial Furnace To Become Problematic

When a furnace goes out in a commercial business, it can negatively affect the number of customers that come inside to shop. For example, if the business establishment is cold on the inside, customers might feel too uncomfortable to spend time shopping. One problem that can cause such a scenario to take place is for the furnace to stop functioning, such as not producing enough heat or breaking all the way down. It isn't always easy for a business owner to diagnose a furnace problem on their own as there can be numerous reasons in regard to why it has stopped functioning. Your best chance of getting your central heating system back running in a timely manner is to hire a professional to take a look at the furnace on your behalf and make repairs.

Simple Furnace Repairs to Make

A common furnace problem that is usually simple to resolve is when the pilot is no longer ignited, as it is what is needed for heat to be produced. In such a case, the reigniting of the pilot is usually all that is necessary to make the heater function again. However, it might be smart to hire a professional to reignite the pilot for the safety of everyone in your building, even if it is a simple repair. Making a mistake while igniting the pilot on your own can possibly lead to the furnace exploding and causing serious injuries. Changing the filter is another simple repair that might need to be done to make the heating system function properly.

Possible Indirect Problems

Sometimes the reason for a furnace to stop functioning is indirectly related to the furnace. For example, there might be bad wiring in your building that is causing the furnace to not receive any power. Another possible electrical problem is for the power outlet that the furnace gets electricity from to not be functional due to the breaker being off. A tripped breaker can actually be fixed on your own as all you have to do is turn it back on. All major electrical problems should only be handled by a professional for safety reasons.

When a Replacement is Needed

A technician might determine that you need a new furnace for your commercial building. It is possible that the one you have isn't sufficient enough for a building of the square footage that yours has. Normal wear and tear may also be a problem, such as by being too severe for a technician to make repairs.

To learn more about commercial furnace maintenance, contact an HVAC professional in your area.