Why Installing A Ductless AC In Your Rental Property Could Be A Good Idea

If you need to replace or install an air conditioner in one of your rental properties, consider a ductless system. If you're paying utilities on the property, you might have lower bills, and if your tenants are paying, they'll enjoy lower bills and improved climate control. Here's why a ductless system is a good choice for rental property.

The Parts Are Easier To Access

If a problem comes up with the air conditioner, you can rule out trouble with the ducts since a ductless system doesn't have any. Instead of crawling around the attic looking for holes in ducts, all you have to check are the blowers inside, the condenser outside, and the conduits between them.

A Ductless AC System Is Safer Than A Window Unit

A window air conditioner is not only ugly, but it can be a security hazard since the window has to be open all the time. A ductless blower mounts on the wall near the ceiling, so it's out of the way, and you and your tenants won't have to worry about security issues that come along with opening windows to stay cool or using a window AC that keeps a window open.

A Ductless Air Conditioner Is Quicker To Install

Your tenants will be inconvenienced no matter what type of AC you install, but putting in a ductless system is easier and quicker, so the job is finished faster. This might be important if you need a new air conditioner set up before move-in day.

Ductless Systems Are Easy To Maintain

Instead of a central air conditioning system that has multiple registers to keep clean, a ductless system only has blowers that are easy to see, access, and clean. A small house may only need a single blower, but for customized climate control, you may want to install at least two. All your tenants have to do is keep the blower free of dust and clean the filter regularly.

A Ductless AC Has Better Climate Control

Your tenants will appreciate having a ductless AC they can control with a remote to get the perfect temperature. If you install two blowers, they can keep the bedroom cool at night while keeping the rest of the house warmer to save energy costs. Plus, since there are no ducts, there should be less dust, and that might help tenants with allergy problems. Tenants that are happy with the climate control have fewer complaints, and that's good for you.

You'll also have better control over energy costs when the rental home is vacant. Since a ductless system is energy efficient and you can cool the home according to zones, you won't waste a lot of money keeping the house cool when it's vacant but you need it to be comfortable for showing to potential tenants.

To learn more about air conditioner installation, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.