Planning For Your Air Conditioner Replacement

Having your air conditioner replaced is exciting. You probably can't wait to have a cooler, more comfortable home and the lower energy bills that come along with a new air conditioning unit. However, the entire process of having an air conditioner installed can be a bit challenging. Here are some ways to prepare.

1. Gather fans and other short-term cooling solutions.

In most cases, your HVAC contractor should be able to replace your air conditioner within one to two days. If they need to work on the ducts, it may take them three or four days in total. Assuming it's the middle of the summer, you will need a way to stay cool in the meantime. So gather some fans, load the freezer with Popsicles, and make plans to grill outside so you don't heat up your home any more than necessary during this time.

2. Get your financing together.

If you do not have the cash on hand to pay for your AC unit in full, make sure you look for financing well in advance of your replacement date. Some HVAC contractors do offer financing in-house, but smaller shops usually don't. You could take out a home equity loan, or just take out a personal loan through a local bank or credit union. If you have a credit card with a low interest rate, you could even put your AC purchase on the card -- but it's rare for a credit card to offer a better interest rate than you could get on a bank loan.

3. Decide where you want the air conditioner.

It's easiest for your HVAC contractor to put your new air conditioner right where the old one was. But consider whether that really is the right spot for your new unit. If your air conditioner gets in the way of your landscaping or seems like an eyesore, this is the perfect time to move it. Just make this decision in advance so you can let your HVAC contractor know -- they will want to account for the time it takes to relocate your AC unit when determining how long the installation will take.

4. Pick your air conditioner.

Most HVAC companies will recommend two or three different air conditioner to you depending on the size of your home and your efficiency preferences. It will then be up to you to do a little research and decide which one is the best choice. Ask your HVAC company for recommendations well in advance of the installation date so you have time to make this decision. 

Contact an AC replacement service for more help.