4 Tips To Minimize Your Asthma Symptoms

Living with asthma can be difficult, but you can take steps to make your life safer and more comfortable. Managing your asthma triggers and taking maintenance medication is key. Here are four tips to help you minimize your asthma symptoms:

1. Treat shortness of breath seriously.

Many people don't realize they have asthma until they experience their first asthma attack. If you often feel short of breath, you should go to your doctor to get evaluated. Shortness of breath, especially when exercising, is an indicator of asthma. Resting in a cool room can help you feel better until you can see a healthcare professional. Heat and exertion can both trigger asthma symptoms in people with this condition. Turning on your air conditioner can make it easier for you to breathe in this scenario.

2. Take maintenance medication.

In order to control your asthma, your doctor will likely prescribe you daily medication. This medication isn't meant to stop an active asthma attack, but it's meant to reduce the asthma symptoms you suffer from day to day. Maintenance medication may come in the form of an inhaler or an oral tablet. Your doctor will evaluate your asthma symptoms and create a medication regimen to help you live your best life.

3. Take your rescue inhaler as soon as you need it.

During an asthma attack, your airways constrict, which can make you feel as though you're suffocating. Your doctor will prescribe you a rescue inhaler, also known as a fast-acting inhaler. If you feel the symptoms of an asthma attack coming on, take your rescue inhaler as soon as possible. Treating an asthma attack early can reduce its severity.

4. Have your HVAC ducts cleaned.

Central AC and heating utilize ducts to carry warmed or cooled air throughout the house. Unfortunately, when ducts get dirty, they can be full of dust, mites, or even mold that can be spread through your home. Dust is a common trigger for people with asthma, so it should be avoided as much as possible. It's a good idea to have your ducts cleaned at least once a year. If you live in a very dry, dusty area, or if you have household pets, you may want to have your ducts cleaned more often.

By making small adjustments to your daily life, you can live without fear of your asthma. Medication and a clean environment are key. Contact a duct cleaning service to help you cut down on indoor pollution and elevate the quality of your home's air.