Three Tips To Prepare For An AC Installation

Are you planning to invest in a new central air conditioning unit this spring? If so, then you should take some time to get your home ready for the installation. The following tips will help you prepare so that your new AC works at an optimum right from the start.

Tip #1: Schedule a duct cleaning

The last thing you want is old dust and dirt in your ducts to circulate out into your home or back through a brand-new AC unit. Before the installation, have a full duct cleaning and leak test. Technicians will come out and vacuum out the ducts with special equipment that ensures that no dust or mold spores are left behind. Then, they can perform a leak pressure test or use a duct camera to locate any air leaks in the system. This way, you can ensure the leaks are sealed up before your new unit is installed, which means your AC will be performing at peak efficiency. Just remember to switch out any filters in the air intake vent of your home. Your duct cleaners may exchange the filter for a small charge or as a courtesy, or you can opt to do it yourself.

Tip #2: Tame your landscaping

Your landscaping can get in the way of the installation for the outdoor unit. This is especially true if you opt for early spring installation, since you may not have done your post-winter clean-up of the landscaping yet. Before the installers arrive, make sure that all plants are trimmed back. Rake away any leaves or dead plant material that has blown up around the old AC unit. If any outdoor items have been stored in or behind the unit, move them out of the way as well. Finally, make sure your installer will have a clear path to and from the AC site so they can install it without any difficulties.

Tip #3: Clear indoor areas for easy access

There are several areas inside your home that your installer may also need to access. These include the furnace if you are on a central HVAC system, the electrical panel or breaker box, and the thermostat. You should also make sure all vents and air intakes throughout the home can be accessed in case your installer needs to check air flow or close vents during the installation process. Remove not just items that block access or impede the path, but also anything hanging on the wall near these items. For example, if you have art hanging near the thermostat, you should remove it just to ensure it is safe from any accidents.

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