Why Is There Ice In Your Air Conditioning Unit?

If you've noticed that your air conditioning unit isn't running properly, it's crucial that you take the time to find out why. Get outside and take a look at the unit. If you notice that your air conditioning unit has ice built up on it while it's running in the 90 degree weather, it's time to take action.

Why does the ice form on the unit?

Typically, two things can cause ice to build up on the unit.

Low refrigerant – Your air conditioning unit requires refrigerant to work. The refrigerant carries the cool air from the unit into your home. If the refrigerant runs out or runs low, the cooled air will not flow through the system as it should and will begin to form ice on the components within the air conditioning unit.

Evaporator Coil Problems – The evaporator coil requires air to prevent icing issues. If the unit doesn't produce enough air, it will not force the cooled air out of the unit into your home. Eventually, the trapped cool air will begin to freeze and damage the units working components.

How do you de-ice your air conditioning unit and get it cooling your home again?

If you can restore the air flow, you can get the unit deiced and possibly get it working as it should. Before you call for help, you can take the following steps and see if your problem is solved.

  1. Go to the thermostat and shut off the air conditioning unit.
  2. Take a trip outside to take a god look at the air conditioning unit. Look for things that could prevent air from flowing through the unit. Things like overgrown bushes, fencing panels placed to closely to the unit, debris that is clogging up the vents on the sides, anything that would prevent the unit from getting the air that it needs.
  3. Check the filters in the unit.
  4. Leave the unit turned off for a while to allow the ice to thaw. Check it every couple of hours to see if the ice has melted. Once it's gone, try turning the unit on and see if it is performing better.
  5. Check the unit in a few hours to see if the ice is building up again.

If you continue to experience problems, talk with a local HVAC professional from companies like Universal Refrigeration for assistance before the internal components become damaged by the ice.