Why The AC Keeps Tripping The Circuit Breaker

If your air conditioner (AC) trips its circuit breaker, you should only reset the breaker once. If the breaker trips again, do not reset it again because a breaker that keeps tripping signifies that something is amiss, and running the AC may intensify the fault. You need to diagnose and fix the fault before resetting the breaker and using the AC. Here are some of the reasons your AC may keep tripping its breaker:

The Filter Is Blocked

The air filter keeps your air clean by trapping debris in the incoming air. Over time, the trapped debris blocks the holes in the filter, making it difficult for air to flow through. This causes the AC to work harder and for longer periods so that you can have the same level of comfort in your house as you normally do. Unfortunately, an overworked AC will try to draw more current than it usually does, which will trip the circuit breaker.

The Condenser Is Clogged

Dirt accumulation is always a bad thing for your AC, irrespective of where it is. Therefore, it isn't surprising that dirt accumulation over the condenser can also cause a malfunction and trip the circuit breaker. The condenser, which is located in the outside unit of the AC, helps in keeping your house cool by absorbing the heat generated in your house and trapped in the circulated air. Debris all over the condenser coils insulates the coils and makes it harder for heat exchange to take place. The result is the same as that of a clogged filter; the AC overheats, draws more power, and trips up the breaker.

The Refrigerant Level Is Low

The refrigerant is the main reason heat exchange takes place in your house. It absorbs the heat in your indoor air and then takes it outside where it can be absorbed by the condensers.  Each AC is designed to work with a certain level of refrigerant. If the level of refrigerant reduces (for example, due to a leak), the amount of heat it can absorb will also reduce. Again, this will lead to an overworked AC and a tripped breaker.

The AC Has an Electrical Fault

An AC has numerous electrical parts, and a fault in any of them can easily cause the circuit breaker to trip. For example, the insulation on a wire may break down, causing a short-circuit when the exposed wiring makes contact with another conductor. The result again is a tripped circuit breaker. 

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