Several Performance-Draining And Malfunction-Inducing Air Conditioning Myths

Myths about air conditioning systems can lead homeowners to make mistakes that can cause serious malfunctions or performance degradation. Due to these potentially expensive mistakes, you want to be informed when it concerns these air conditioner notions.

Myth: It Is Normal For The Refrigerant Level To Gradually Lower

When an air conditioning system starts to struggle to adequately cool the air in a home, it is common for homeowners to use recharge kits to supplement the refrigerant in the system. Often, homeowners will assume that this is a normal aspect of air conditioner care. However, the system should never physically run low on refrigerant. If this problem is occurring, the system is suffering from a leak. While this may be a very gradual leak at first, it will likely get worse as time progresses. For this reason, you should have the system tested for a leak after you confirm that it is low on refrigerant. This will not be as convenient as simply using a recharge kit, but it can allow small parts with refrigerant leaks to be patched before the issues become too severe and the parts have to be replaced. Additionally, you should not have to be home for a leak test on the exterior unit to be completed, which may make scheduling this service easier.

Myth: You Should Close The Vents In Rooms That Are Unoccupied

It is unlikely that every room in your home is occupied at the same time. This may lead you to close the vents in rooms that are not being used as you may think that this will help the system to channel air to the occupied regions of the home. Yet, closing the vents can actually decrease the performance of the system while increasing your cooling costs. A modern air conditioning system is carefully calibrated and balanced so that the airflow will travel throughout the home using as little energy as possible. When you close vents, you disrupt this balance, and the system may have to work harder to compensate for this disruption.

Myth: It Will Always Be Easy To Tell When Your Air Conditioner Is Experiencing Problems

Many air conditioning problems have very easy to detect warning signs. For example, issues with the blower can cause the unit to excessively vibrate or refrigerant leaks will cause the system to fail to cool the home. However, there are many problems that may not exhibit warning signs until major damages have occurred. An example of this can be electrical issues. If the wiring in the air conditioner is starting to degrade or come loose, it can subject the system to a risk of electrical surges. This is another one of the reasons annual service visits are so important. Companies like JV Systems Air Conditioning And Heating of Tampa Bay Inc may be able to assist.