Shower Yourself With Luxury: Changing Out Your Shower Head In A Rental Home

One of the best and cheapest luxuries that anyone can afford themselves is a shower head. Nice, removable shower heads or waterfall shower heads are moderately priced and can be changed easily. Even if you live in a rental, it is relatively easy to unscrew and replace an old shower head with just a wrench and your hands. The issue that you do have to worry about when installing a new shower head is the affect it will have on your plumbing. Here is the process for effectively changing your shower head. 

Use a strap wrench

If you are living in a rental home and you wish to replace your shower head, you will need to be careful with the old shower head. A traditional wrench may be able to scratch the old shower head. Though the scratches may be small, the landlord would still be able to charge you for the damage to the property. To combat this, use a strap wrench. A strap wrench can grip and twist without having to dig into the metal with metal like a traditional wrench. Once you have twisted off the old shower head, place this in a plastic bag and put it inside of the bathroom cabinets so that it is not lost. 

Remove any washers

Sometimes, to slow down the water flow, washers are placed inside of the shower head or on the pipe. Check your brand new shower head to make sure that there is no washer that will disrupt the water flow. Look at the pipe before you screw on the new shower head and make sure that there is no washer inside of that pipe. This will make it easier to have good water pressure.

Remove the tub stopper

There are a number of tub stoppers from attached to detached. Some are manual and you will only need to pull the stopper up completely and place it underneath the bathroom counter. Some operate in a twisting motion in order to be pulled up and down. These will need to be screwed out of the tub drain. The reason that you want to move this is because the new water pressure may mean that the water flows faster. You want to make sure that water is easily able to drain down the pipe and does not back up into the shower or tub. 

Have your drain professionally cleaned

If your drain runs slowly or if you want to make sure it will be able to support a heavier water flow, call a plumber and have your drain cleaned. A drain cleaning will clear up any dirt and grime, providing a better running draining mechanism. This will allow you to enjoy your showers for as long as you would like without worries of back up and soap scum permeating the shower.