Three Ways Your Exterior AC Unit And Landscaping Can Co-Exist

If you are proud of your yard, there are some landscaping features that can also be a benefit to your exterior AC unit. Without compromising plant or decor in your yard, some existing landscaping techniques and looks can actually help with AC functionality. Here are three ways your landscaping plan can work together with your AC unit and still keep your yard looking great.

1. Plant Taller, Hearty Plants and Trees Near Your AC Unit for Shade

A great way to hide your AC unit and also provide some shade relief is to plant taller shrubbery and trees near your air conditioning exterior unit. This will help hide your ugly AC unit and make your landscaping look nicer overall. This will also have the hidden benefit for your air conditioning by keeping this cooler in the hot summer months so this doesn't have to work overtime. Be sure not to plant trees and bushes directly next to your unit, as this needs to be accessed for air conditioning service every now and again.

2. Put a Movable Trellis Near Your AC Unit for Shelter

Another great way to play up your landscaping while hiding your AC unit is with a movable trellis. You can plant vines or roses to slowly grow up this and either keep the root structures in one place or keep these in movable pots. This trellis can act as a gate that is movable so that your AC unit can be serviced when needed. This can also be a great way to keep animals from marking your AC unit and causing rust or burrowing into your unit for shelter.

3. Keep Dirt and Overgrowth Clear from Your AC Unit for Increased Airflow

If you can keep up on your landscaping overall, you can also ensure that your AC unit stays maintained and clear of debris and overgrowth. When gardening, take care to keep your air conditioning exterior unit clean and wipe this down. This will ensure that there isn't any lingering dirt or branches that can block airflow and cause maintenance issues. It is a good idea to incorporate rocks or mulch directly around your unit to keep this clear from yard debris as well. Luckily, if you keep up with your yard's landscaping needs, keeping your AC unit clean and clear should be easy.

Having a nice yard doesn't have to be hard to keep up, even if this is sharing space with an outdoor AC unit. Let your yard work do double duty and look nice while at the same time help the functionality of your AC unit.

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