Is Your Old Water Heater A Frigid Pain? Be Smart With Your Upgrade

If hot water is always a battle in your home, and you can't get everyone through their showers in the morning without running out of the hot water you need, you are ready for an upgrade. A tankless water heater isn't just a great idea for the home, but getting more than one unit installed in different areas where you have appliances that use hot water can save even more. Here are a few of the reasons why you want to talk with your local hot water tank providers about tankless choices for your property.

Energy Benefits

A tankless water heater has a lot of energy saving benefits that are going to reduce energy consumption all year round, like the following:

  • Water is heated instantly near the faucet, it doesn't take a lot of gas or electricity to heat it before it travels
  • The unit doesn't heat water constantly, only when it's necessary, and it stops when the faucet is turned off
  • Geothermal tankless water heating options are available

Updating to an efficient unit is a great way to protect the globes natural resources. Energy benefits are great, and the energy you save will turn into money you save.

Monetary Benefits

There are a few different ways that a tankless unit is a great monetary investment for the home, besides just the money you'll save in energy costs. You can qualify for a tax rebate when the unit is installed, the tankless units improve the value of your property, and the tankless units are expected to last 20 years, which is longer than the traditional style water heaters.   

Functional Benefits

Once you install the units, you don't have to worry about people waiting around for hot water to take a shower, and you can start your dishwasher without worrying someone won't be able to wash their hands or take a bath. It makes running appliances and saving time easier.

If you know that your old traditional style hot water heater isn't doing its job and that it's wasting both your time and your money, it's time to make an upgrade and look at tankless units for your home. Talk with the installation experts from a company like Smedley & Associates, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning about where the best places would be to put the units and how many units are needed to get hot water around your home the most efficiently. This is a great change for anyone ready for an upgrade.