Answers To Questions About Three Common Boiler Questions

Your home may utilize a boiler to provide heat, but there are a number of issues that a boiler may encounter over the time that you use it. By learning the answers to the following few questions about common boiler issues, you will be in a much better position to make choices as an informed consumer when it comes to addressing these issues if they strike your system.

What Could Be Causing The Boiler To Leak?

One of the more routine issues that you may encounter with your boiler is leaking. Boilers operate under intense pressures, and as a result, they rely on numerous seals to prevent water from leaking out. Unfortunately, these seals can degrade over the course of time, which can make the boiler more likely to start leaking. If you notice puddles around the base of the boiler, you will need to contact an experienced boiler repair technician to determine which seals are damaged and need to be replaced to correct the problem.

Why Is The Boiler Making Banging Sounds?

There may come a day when your boiler starts to make extremely loud banging sounds while it is in operation. In addition to being a nuisance, this can also indicate a potentially serious issue. This banging sound can be due to accumulations of minerals forming in the unit. If allowed to remain in the boiler, it is possible for these deposits to cause serious clogs that can prevent the boiler from functioning. To correct this problem, it will be necessary to flush the boiler with a solution that can dissolve these deposits.

Why Is The Boiler's Pilot Light Struggling To Stay Lit?

Oil burning boilers utilize a pilot light, and if this light goes out, the boiler will not be able to work until it is reignited. While it is normal for this to occasionally happen, you may find that the pilot light is routinely going out. This can often be due to oil residue accumulating on the burner and preventing a steady stream of fuel from reaching the burner.

In order to correct this issue, you will need to regularly wipe down the burner to remove any of the oil residue that is accumulating. Ideally, you should do this each month that you use the unit, and while this maintenance will force you to turn off the boiler for a brief period, this will be a minor price to pay to avoid the hassle of repeatedly having to regularly venture to your boiler to restart the pilot light. Contact a business that handles boiler repair for more information.